Tuesday, October 11, 2016

fix high cpu usage service host local system svchost

after windows 8 released a new process is added the the OS insted of Svchost, and they are doing the same thing eating a lot of ressources ( CPU RAM HDD Internet...) well the actual thing that is running and is responsible for this is the windows update process, if we disable this process everything should work fine and the problem will be solved, but it will start again when we turn on the pc, so i will explain how to disable it for good :)

1 - open task manager and serch for service host local system, there are many of it so search for the one that is currently using ressources, click to expand then right click on windows update and end task

2 - right click on any process there and select open services

3 - search for windows update and double click on it

4 - go to startup type and select disabled, then apply and ok

now your problem is fixed for good, your pc will be runing smoothly :) you can also check my video below 

if you have any question leave in the comment section